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LM DYK is a scuba diving club, founded in 1971 by employees at Ericsson. The club is based in Stockholm and offers a variety of diving related activities all year round. LM DYK welcomes everyone who is interested in scuba diving.

LM DYK has its own diving vessel which is called Storsjön. For most of the year, the ship is used by club members for diving the archipelago outside Stockholm. Storsjön is well adapted for diving activities, up to eight people can stay onboard overnight. Longer trips to the outer archipelago are thus no problem. The diving is mostly wreck diving. Due to the brackish water in the Baltic Sea, shipwrecks can become several hundred years old and still be largely intact.

LM DYK also organises dive excursions to the Swedish West Coast, to Norway, the Red Sea and Thailand and other tropical locations. These trips offer interesting diving both for the inexperienced as well as the experienced diver.

If you are interested in becoming a diver or if you already are certified and you are looking for an active club in Stockholm, LM DYK will offer you almost everything. Visit our homepage for up-to-date information on activities and contact information.

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